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Conditions of Access

These conditions of access should be read in conjunction with the NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directive ‘Communications – Use and Management of Misuse of NSW Health Communications Systems’ (PD2009_076) and the Electronic Information Security Policy (PD2013_033) or as these Policy Directives are updated from time to time.

Non compliance with the conditions of access set out in the Policy Directives could lead to the withdrawal of access privileges and in more serious cases, to disciplinary action.

Access to NSW Health Communication Systems, Applications and Devices is restricted to authorised users only. Actual or attempted unauthorised use of NSW Health communication systems, applications and devices may result in criminal and / or civil prosecution. Each individual must have their own account. Accounts must not be shared. Passwords must be kept confidential. It is the policy of all NSW Health agencies that computer surveillance occur on an ongoing, continuous basis. Computer resources are monitored by means of software or other equipment to protect the integrity of computing systems, workstations and programs and to guard against intentional and inadvertent access to inappropriate and / or unlawful material and / or inappropriate use. Records are maintained of computer usage including (but not limited to) the sending and receipt of emails, and the accessing of internet websites and online applications by individual users. Access to internet websites and applications and the sending and delivery of emails may be prevented when material involved is inappropriate, unrelated to business purposes or unlawful.

Any unlawful use of NSW Health Communication Systems, Applications and Devices will be the subject of an internal review and may be notified to the Ministry of Health, NSW Police or the Independent Commission Against Corruption as required.

In accepting entry I confirm that I have read and understood and will comply with the NSW Health PD2009_076 and these conditions of access.


Access was denied by the access policy.

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